Emma Bailey
Scripted Sessions
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A few of my personal favourite scenes:

Slave For My Desires:  $450

You enter the studio knowing that today will be a day to remember...Slowly given your instructions you come to realize that you are nothing but a toy for your Mistress. A toy to be used and abused. You are forced to fulfil my lustful desires for release after release!

She gives you her number and this is your contracted agreement. Punishments will be given if Mistress doesn’t get to release the way she wants!

Your fingers, mouth, tongue and wee little friend are completely at the mercy of her desires...only after that are you allowed your reward. Waiting so long and working so hard to please makes you even more desperate for release so she decides to play around and toy with you for a while, even furthering your desperation. An explosive reward is given once the Lady has had her fill of her toy...It was all so worth it!


Trodden Underfoot By A Goddess: $350 + Pedicure cost

You are forced to kneel on the floor sucking and licking Mistresses shoes.

Trampling is further on her agenda....she wears high heels and also strips down to bare feet to trample her slave underfoot. You have no choice but to lie there and take what She dishes out for her own pleasure!

After a little bit of trampling fun, you are allowed to do some Foot worship...You will worship the soles of my feet bare and gorgeous, with your mouth and tongue, until they are licked clean....only to be made to release all over them and the honor of cleaning them again as your ultimate reward!  Must be booked atleast 48hrs in advance.


Erotic Bondage For Beginners: $400

This is the introduction that every newcomer to the world of BDSM wants to experience, my signature session and best seller of all time! The one that all of your future sessions are built from! This is only the beginning, if you are unsure of where to start in the world of fetish and fantasy my suggestion is to always start here. This experience is custom created and catered for those who want more out of their erotic encounters, to try power exchange in a light, sexy and sensual way.

 The classic long slow tease is suited to a curious beginner, the session introduces the novice into the intense world of erotic BDSM in a seductive way that gives you something to think about and build on in your journey to more intense sessions.

Light and slow, the beginner is relaxed into just enjoying the sensations and quickly forgetting any nerves they walked in with. Tied, teased and taught how to relax into being under Mistresses verbal and physical control. Sensory deprivation heightens experience even further while your body is touched and teased all over, building up trust and pushing boundaries in an erotic way, with some exciting surprises to heighten the senses further toward our intense release to finish. You are along for the ride, not having to make decisions or "perform" as it is all about you and your experience...This is a one on one session with Mistress looking groomed, chic and gorgeous as always.


Erotic Bondage For Ladies Session: $300 

With Male Watcher $500

Erotic bondage for ladies is a session close to my heart, I have custom created this experience with myself and every woman I have ever had the pleasure of playing with, in mind.

This session is a must for all bi curious ladies. It is light, safe and very very sexy.

This experience is custom created specifically for ladys who want more out of their erotic encounters and who want to try some new things.

It includes a blind fold, tie, tease, body worship and slow sensual play along with some exciting surprises.

Using some of my favourite tantric sex techniques on a journey from head to toe, this long slow erotic tease, introduces the novice into the intense world of erotic bdsm in a seductive and sensual way. Light and slow the beginner is relaxed quickly into just enjoying the sensations and forgetting any nerves they walked in with.


Fem Dom Forced Orgasms: $450

A strict bitch mistress session, this is for lovers of the traditional bitch goddess wearing towering heels, corset, and cat suit and wielding a strap on.  You will be deprived, forced and ordered to release at Mistress's Will.

So I suggest you save up for at least a few days prior, do not underestimate my skills at milking you dry.

You will not be let off lightly if I don’t get what I want, I will punish you severely and possibly even punish your cock directly for not obeying my wishes. So I suggest you, and your wee little friend comply.

Now that you know the stakes, are you game to play?

The Privilege To Be Seen With Me In Public:

$1000 upfront and pre paid for me to even bother entertaining a meeting with you, then another tribute once our little meet up is underway! You will be allowed to take Mistress out for a limited time to her favorite local shopping destinations. You will say nothing.

Your credit card is MY property for the day, to be used as I see fit. You will supply me with the pin and I will keep it in my hot little hands for the day, just out of your reach. Maybe even taunting you with it while I SPEND SPEND SPEND! You will follow me around like the slave that you are, at my every whim you will jump.


The bewildered shop assistants will have to wonder... Upon completion of my gleeful extravaganza I will drain the card at the ATM with glee while you helplessly watch me spending and spending until it's ALL gone. You will be given your card back empty and the receipts to take home as souvenirs to wipe your tear-stained cheeks with and use to light a fire to warm yourself with when your power bill can't be paid.


Ongoing Chastity Slavery Contract

You will find after a few sessions, you will crave to be owned full time, fully ready to relinquish your sexuality to your one and only Lady.

This session has been created with those of you who are this desperate to be a full time slave, your wee little friend is to be used exactly for this purpose.

In service to me as a 24/7 lifestyle, your existence will be to keep me entertained and happy.

This is an ongoing contract and will be executed by Mistress through a series of tasks, homework assignments and in person sessions to train and discipline when necessary.

Some will be pleasurable and others will be demanding and challenging, all part of what it really takes to serve in chastity for your mistress.

Per Month: $1500


Chastity Slavery In Person One Week Session

This is the first port of call for all slaves interested in chastity slavery on a short or long term basis, you will experience tease and denial of the highest most potent form with a 1-week long part time extensive session of 7 days locked in a chastity device, reporting back to your mistress on a daily basis.

You will be fitted with a chastity device at the beginning of the first session and forced to experience what it feels like to be locked in chastity while being teased by a beautiful mistress through a series of tasks, assignments and training when necessary then sent off home for 7 days until your final release session once the week is complete.

Some tasks will be pleasurable and others will be demanding and challenging, all part of what it really takes to serve in chastity for your mistress. In service to me as a 24/7 lifestyle, your existence will be to keep me entertained and happy for 7 days. 

One Week Package: $600


Public Sissy Humiliation

Let's take a drive...The first half of this session is spent dressing you up like a proper sissy whore with all the trimmings...corset, stockings, heels, stretchy skirt, wig lots of make-up.

Once you look perfect and up to my standard, you are then taken for a ride in the evening/night.

I Drop you out on one side of the highway with a busy high traffic bridge... I drive over the bridge to the other side and park my car...all while keeping my eye on you so you don't hide and cheat me out of watching you do your sissy walk.

Your only option is to do the walk of shame back to the car still fully dressed up like a prize pony and teeter in your heels all the way back to the car with everyone watching.


Ninety Minute Package: $750


Public Restaurant Humiliation By Your Gorgeous Date

This session is where you go out with a gorgeous woman and are made to feel small and utterly pathetic.

We will be going to a restaurant of my choice but you will have made all of the arrangements.

Of course I will meet you there, its not like a Lady such as myself would ever want to be seen with someone like you for any longer than is necessary.

We are seated and you are not allowed to talk to anyone at any time.

When the waiter brings menu's I give one back and say one will be enough.

I then proceed to choose what you will be allowed to eat and I will be ordering for you while explaining to the waiter multiple times how hopeless you are at picking your own food or doing anything for yourself for that matter.  All whilst sending you on naughty tasks as I enjoy a lovely meal.


Ninety Minute Package: $750 + any costs for the meal.