Emma Bailey
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The most common questions I get asked frequently, with their answers are below:
How far in advance should I schedule, and are you available for last minute appointments?
I'd like to be more flexible, but as I'm involved with projects outside these engagements, the more advance notice you can provide, the more likely it will be for me to see you.

I sent you an email but I haven't heard back from you?
I try to check my emails as often as possible and usually respond soonest unless I'm out of town or am "otherwise" engaged. However, I do not respond to explicit or one-line emails asking inappropriate questions. If you would like to see me on short notice I would ask that you instead text me.

Are these really your photos? May I have a clear picture of your face sent to me?
Yes, the photos on this site are of me and have not been altered or touched up in any way, other than blurring of my face and airbrushing out of visable tattoos.
My friends agree that I'm very pretty and I promise that you will be pleasantly surprised.
Do you really look as good as in your pictures?
I have been told my pictures don't do me justice.  My pictures and statistics on this site is a true representation of me and what you can expect.  Although I frequently do change my hair style and colour.  Also I do have a lot of very tasteful ink - which is always photoshopped out or covered for discretion purposes.  So if ink on a lady is not to your tastes, then neither will I be.

What exactly can I expect?
Mutual participation; the most blissful and thrilling moments come when two people respect each other, respect boundaries and are open to explore, engage and connect when sharing in delight. The friend who enjoys me most is the one who appreciates the person they meet, and and want more than just a specific type or particular body part. It's the friend who knows how to treat a woman of class and intellect who's very sensual and responsive.

Do you accommodate Special Requests?
Yes, if you would like something "special" or have an "unusual" request, please make your request known to me on the phone, so that we are sure it "can" be accommodated. If you enjoy beautiful lingerie or you would like to request particular items for me to wear, by all means, I'd love to..!;-with one caveat - you will have to provide it.

Do you do Stags - Bachelor Parties?
No, I devote my company exclusively (with the exception of special requests from my friends I already know). I do not provide “girls” or operate as an agency, if that is what you are looking for I will suggest you see the local newspapers or agencies.

Do you have a career / business outside this industry? If so, why do you stay on?
Yes, I have acquired the knowledge and skills to work in other environments. I stay on because I honestly love these engagements, it’s fulfilling to me and I have been fortunate enough to meet some truly wonderful friends, some of whom my best conversations, learning and experiences have been with. I’m not yet ready to give it up.

When will you be in my city?
I travel worldwide primarily on special request. If you would like to be notified when I will visit your city or country, email me and I will add you to that particular city's email notification list.

How would you like to take care of payment?
I do not like to mix business with pleasure and prefer to not discuss it at all, so please feel free to enquire with me and have it dealt with beforehand. It also indicates your sincerity and allows us to enjoy a carefree rendezvous, without unnecessary hiccups.

How do I avoid awkwardness with payment at our meeting?
Thanks to the considerate gentleman friends who took the time to ask me. I prefer for you to have the payment ready in an unsealed envelope discretely placed for me to see towards the beginning of our engagement.
At this point, it is already expected that you have made an informed decision about meeting me, so please try to refrain from asking questions like "what is your fee again?", or haggle-on.. ;- be a real gentleman and avoid putting me in a position where I have to ask.

What do your expect of a possible friend?
Integrity and common courtesy are attributes my friends already possess. I expect to be treated with dignity and respect at all times and that your intentions of meeting me will be because you want to spend time with me, as an individual.

Can I bring you a small gift?
Of course - like every women I do love gifts. It can be flowers, a box of chocolates, bottle of wine, jewelry, lingerie..; perfume or just a small surprise..! It does not matter how small or expensive your gift may be, for me it is the thought, a sign of your attentiveness that is much appreciated and will not be left unnoticed.

What are some of your interests in your private life?
I love live and surround myself with positives and because I'm such a versatile creature by nature I have many interests and likes, to mention but a few; I enjoy traveling worldwide and have a keen interest in arts and culture, some of my musical likes are opera, classical and the blues, not to mention rock, and of course traditional Irish tunes.
How may I address You?
Humbly and respectfully at all times.  Privately in My presence or over the phone, you have three choices.  You will address me as “Mistress,” “Goddess,” or “Ma’am.”  If I choose to be seen with you in public, you may address me as “my Darling” in front of others.  If I allow you to correspond with me in E-mails or texts, you will address me as “Mistress,” “Goddess,” or “Ma’am,” and you will show your gratitude, submission and respect by using the D/s convention of always capitalizing My name or any pronoun referring to Me, but never capitalizing your name or any reference to yourself, even at the beginning of a sentence.
How do I get the experience I want?
Place your trust completely in Me.  Surrender your body, your mind, your fantasies – even your sexual identity – to Me.  Fully submit yourself to My care, custody and control, for I own you whenever you are in My presence, and often even when you are not.  Be specific about your fantasies – a huge way to serve Me while you are away from Me is to acknowledge that I am your biggest fantasy, and to pay homage to Me by telling me specifically what your fantasies about Me have been.  You are also generously invited to comment on stories, fantasies, blogs, scenarios or scenes on My web site that fascinate you or capture your interest or curiosity.  Do not be afraid to make yourself completely vulnerable to Me – you cannot have the experience I want for you unless you do.
How can I ensure that my hard limits are respected?
If you have never seen Me before, I may ask you questions about your pain threshold or current level of experience.  For example, imagine yourself kneeling at your Mistress’s feet, anticipating Her direction and instruction.  You are apprehensive, hoping that at last you have found the One who will finally accept you for who you really are.  As you wait nervously, you feel your Mistress’s hair and breath against your ear, and you hear her gentle but confident whisper, asking you intimate questions you have always longed to answer truthfully without fear of rejection, such as:
“Do you ever fantasize about wearing bras and panties?” – to find out where you are on feminization; or “How do you feel when you see a mother nursing her baby?” – to find out where you are on infantilism.    This is because the reason you seek Me is to test you, push you, and take you right up to the edge of your unique limits, but it would never serve Me to scar you emotionally or scare you in any way that would inhibit your ability to trust Me absolutely.  Sometimes a submissive fears disapproval or rejection and will subconsciously hide his true feelings about an experience.  While I can usually see through such a pathetic façade, for your own peace of mind I also offer you the following phrases you may use without penalty or punishment, but which may invite scorn or scolding if abused, and if severely abused could result in banishment.  “Yellow light” means that you are near your hard limit and to please “back it off a little bit.”   “Red light” terminates the activity and temporarily converts the session into a learning experience.
How are You able to bring out in me what is already inside me?
You will be pleased to know that your Mistress prides herself on reading people.  Her pleasure comes from controlling pleasure, and she does so by reading facial expressions, body language, blood pressure, body temperature, breathing patterns, heart rate and tone of voice.  Even something as slight as the dilation of her subbie’s pupils will give her insight to where you are.
If I have aroused your interest and you would like to meet with me, please further acquaint yourself with my information and feel free to contact me with your details.